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My name is Teena Walker(Chinalynks). I am the CEO and Jewelry Designer of Chinalynks Designs,(formerly known as Unique Jewelry By Teena). An online small ,Black Business that sells apparel, jewelry (to represent fashion) and more....

"Why wear an Outfit without Jewelry, when you can Accessorize with Style?"

 We sell gemstones, crystals, birthstones, apparel, and  designer products.

Our  jewelry and apparel has good quality, long lasting material, original designed, reasonable in prices, and some can be customized to your liking.

Each pair of earrings comes with Free clear earnuts.

Links are attached to women's necklaces for size adjustments . Links are attached to waist beads(optional)

We offer free shipping

     Come, visit and shop with us and get your very own designer jewelry, apparel, and more items here!  

The Beautiful Jewelry of Chinalynks Designs

The Beautiful Jewelry of Chinalynks Designs

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