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Hematite Stone

  • Made of iron-ore

  • silver- blackish color

  •  stone of the mind, and root chakra.


Pearls: (Mother of Pearls/ Freshwater)

  • Pearls forms within the tissue mollusks as a protective coating as nacre.

  • Helps with all chakras and the human body. Also, available in various colors.

  • June is the month that represents Pearls.


TEST of Natural Pearls: Rub the pearl gently against the edge of tooth, it should feel slightly rough.




Tiger-eye: Stone:

  • Yellowish- brown color and comes in other colors

  • One's personal power

  • Associates with the solar plexus chakra.




  • Hardest gemstone and very valuable most comes from South Africa.

  • It is the best metaphysical use and a crystal for protection.

  • Also, vary in color.



Costume Silver and Costume Gold Jewelry:


  • Clean with toothpaste when it starts to tarnish to bring back its original color.


Tips: Run lukewarm water in the sink.

          Put toothpaste either on your fingers(latex gloves are optional)or a toothbrush on the tarnish jewelry and rub on the jewelry. Then put the   jewelry in the water for a few seconds, the water should become dirty. 


That is how you know it worked. Then rinse the jewelry item and cloth dry. You should see the before and after effect.

If jewelry has been tarnished for a long period of time it maybe difficult to clean.


Hematite Stone
Freshwater White Pearls
Tiger-eye Stones
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