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My name is Teena Walker, I'm the CEO, and jewelry designer of "Chinalynks Designs (formerly known as Unique Jewelry By Teena)."

Since, I was younger I was creating handmade jewelry using different jewelry kits that came from my Mother. I would create my own jewelry masterpieces as a hobby. Eventually, my jewelry designs improved and many people was interested in purchasing my jewelry. Later, I started becoming more inquisitive about jewelry and fashion, then started to do research of learning more about it. I went and got some teachings to enhance my jewelry skills with the help of people (that I know) of Indian Culture. I acquired the knowledge (also of the Chakras)and applied that to my own creative masterpieces.

In the year of May 2009, I started to gradually build a business, piece by piece on my own. However, I did have the influence of other people's suggestions and comments to help me. I would continue to do my own research as well. In the year of May 2013, " Unique Jewelry By Teena is a Black-Owned online business that represents style and fashion of handcrafted jewelry and designer shirts. "Why wear an outfit without jewelry, when you can accessorize with style?"

  • We the company has jewelry designs for everyone.

  • Share knowledge behind some of the jewelry we sell.

I want to give a thank you to the people who purchased jewelry from us. Your business is greatly appreciated. We enjoyed doing business with you and hope you will come back again.

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